مختصات هنر - یک مطلب خوب برای دو گروه موسیقی فراموش شده ایرانی

مختصات هنر

یک مطلب خوب برای دو گروه موسیقی فراموش شده ایرانی


عکس گروه

 (Tehran, Iran)

"At a time when the chasm between East and West is growing daily and misplaced hostility and lack of communication are thwarting any efforts at building bridges, it is reassuring to know that there is still one medium that remains uncorrupted by petty bigotry and short-sightedness, and transcends all issues of race, religion and ideology. The Islamic Republic of Iran may not seem the most likely breeding ground for young up-and-coming musicians but, thanks to a few daring pioneers, doors that were seemingly locked tight by the strict moral laws have been cracked by a new generation of home-grown talent. Out of a musical landscape dominated by more traditional Prog-rockers, Metallers and the increasingly popular electronic and hip-hop sound, an Indie band named Hypernova was born." Now Iran is not too famous for its rock music, but these guys are going to change all that. Each member brings a different vibe and sound to the band to give it an even more unique edge. And even though they’re just another obscure band in the galaxy of musicians, their following is growing at a very fast rate, thanks mostly to their legions of underground fans who have helped spread the word. In all reality, these guys are no different from the rest of the rockers around the world; their music is all about having a good time and just rocking your brains out. They’re not in this game for the money, fame or glory. And they’re definitely not trying to change the world...or are they?"  NOX Magazine


۱۲۷- Rock/Punk/Nu Jazz

عکس گروه


Founded in 2001 by a group of young Tehran artists and art students, 127 has found itself at the center of progressive cultural change in Iran.The band's music melds Iranian melodies and jazz with an alternative sound.The band's lyrics tell of the frustrations and joys of life, somehow managing to speak of their cultural time and place, while simultaneous reflecting universal frustrations of isolation, frustration, and hope. 127 is a 6 piece band -guitar,piano,trombone,bass and drums. the group has become a lighning-rod for international media attention. Through humerous articles and broadcasts in the western media, the group's website receives thousands of hits a month from a growing international listeners. 127 has also composed the original sound-track of the French/German Television's Arte production "Emamzade Internet"- a documentary directed by Reza Haeri- with the song "Digital Divide". a short documentary named "127,an Iranian band" (by Reza Haeri) aired by UK channel 4 of June, 2005 gained an intresting respond from British audiences, 127 was also the feature of a Swedish documentary aired in January of 2005. In addition to these television appearances, their music has reached radio around the world, and has been covered by major print media from Germany to the UK and US. The band has been invited to perform at 2005 SXSW festival in Austin..Texas but somehow they had to miss that opportunity! 127 recently has performed couple of gigs in Italy amongst Arezzo Wave Festival on july 15th 2005 at the main stage and gained a notable attention among audiences and press. on october 2005 performing in New York, Washington and Cambridge; 127 was the first Iranian rock band toured in United States. 127 has not released any records yet because of the country's situations the band is now seeking for the permission to release it's first record. at March 16th 2006 127 performed at 2006 SXSW in Austin TX at the Carribean Lights as a part of All Music is World Music showcase.


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